Whatever we do, we ensure it aligns with our Missions, Vision and Values.

Many of these are represented in our core tenets.

​ERTSAR is considered a High Performing Team of Humanitarians who Specialise in RESCUE & MEDICAL Service. But more than that we are an optimistic, cheerful, positive, solutions oriented group of men and women from different backgrounds who are sincerely interested and able to help others in the calling of service to humanity. 

We have organised our Core Values & Tenets in "S's" below. These were written by our Founders in 2002 for our charitable constitution and tenets and values, and updated in 2024 below.  


We have to be selective. We follow certain screening and selection process. It's not a poor reflection on people who may not be good for ERTSAR. We just need suitable members.


ERTSAR represent standards. Standards of established humanitarian best practice, Safety standards for our members. We follow SOPs. Our standards must be high. 


In often challenging environments, we like members and behaviours that present an optimistic and cheerful solutions oriented approach to the possible problems we face.  


We believe in being Salubrious meaning favourable to or promoting health or well-being. That includes the recipients of our service and the health & fitness of members. 


Being "self-sufficient' is a foundation staple of the team. It's part of the self-rescue mindset and also how we add to the service and not take from those already impacted.


Less heavy kit and people to move for the same or lesser impact and benefit. That's part of our effectiveness comes from our ability to be agile and sometimes smaller.  


We like to look at strategic options as well as to use science and technology when we can to support our service delivery and work. e.g. means looking at smaller lighter options. 


We consider the impact of our work. This includes, if possible considering the greener options. And remembering that the 3 pillars: the economy, society, and the environment.