Although we are known for Emergency Response, ERTSAR performs a lot of other functions and tasks which ultimately ensure the pursuit of a "safer and more secure" world. These roles and functions include but are not limited to, Capacity Building, Training and Certification of others, CBDRR (Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction) / CBDRM (Community Based Disaster Risk Management), and Study and Research / Safety Support.

IFNA Fire Rescue Study

ERTSAR during a "Study and Research / Safety Support" role with the IFNA Indigenous W.I.S.E.R. Fire Rescue testing. (WISER is an acronym for Waterless Initial Suppression for Exigent Response)

Indigenous Fire Depts

In a special project, ERTSAR researched all First Nations Fire Depts in Ontario, and created a directory and website HERE

Pakistan Master Trainers

ERTSAR undertook a Fire Rescue project in the remote north west mountainous regions of Pakistan (NWFP / KPK) to help build capacity against Fires and Medical Emergencies by training Master Trainers to train thousands.